Gangstar Vegas APK v6.9.1a (Unlimited Diamond, Hack) Latest version

 Information :

App Name Gangstar Vegas APK
Publisher Approm cc
Genre Action
Size 1.4 GB
Latest Version v6.9.1a
MOD Info Unlimited diamond
Price Free
Get it On Bully: Anniversary Edition


Gangstar Vegas Free Apk Summary about :

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Unlimited Money
Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Keys
Unlimited SP
Anti-Ban (Do not participate in Events)
Change Language to English from Settings.

Gangstar Vegas for Android mobile Gameplay

Gangstar Vegas APK is a open world action game developed by Gameloft. In this game, you play as a character named “Mike”, who has just arrived in the city of Las Vegas to start over after losing everything he had back home. The story starts with Mike meeting his old friend, Dave, who introduces him to Frank, a man who owns many casinos and nightclubs around town. After being hired by Frank for some odd jobs, Mike becomes entangled in a web of criminal activities that ultimately lead to him becoming one of the most powerful criminals in Vegas himself.


The control system of Gangstar Vegas APK is designed to be user friendly and intuitive. On mobile devices, players use taps, swipes, and holds to perform actions such as moving their character, aiming guns, punching, kicking, drifting, accelerating, braking, jumping off cliffs etc. Each mission and activity requires specific controls and mastery of them is crucial for success. For example, during car chases, players need to use precise timing and movements to dodge obstacles and outmaneuver opponents while maintaining speed. The same applies when running away from police – avoid traffic cones, oil spills, pedestrians, other vehicles and buildings without slowing down too much. Overall, controlling your character in this game is not difficult but takes practice to become proficient enough to complete high level challenges.


One of the standout features of Gangstar Vegas APK is its graphics quality. With detailed textures, realistic lightning effects and dynamic shadows, this game looks incredibly good on even mid range smartphones. Buildings look tall and imposing, streets are bustling with people and vehicles, daylight changes dynamically based on the time of day etc. All these factors contribute to creating immersion for the player making them feel as if they were actually in Las Vegas themselves. However, due to the complexity of the graphics engine, the game may take up quite a bit of storage space (1GB+), require higher hardware requirements and have shorter battery life compared to simpler games. Nevertheless, given how popular this game is among gamers all around the world, sacrificing few MBs of storage or couple hours of battery life seems well worth it considering the amount of fun and enjoyment that can be obtained from playing this epic title.


  • Open World Exploration: Experience the vibrant and diverse city of Las Vegas through exploration. Visit famous landmarks, discover hidden treasures, and uncover secret missions.
  • Customizable Character: Create and personalize your character’s style and skills, including facial features, hairstyles, and clothing options.
  • Realistic Driving Mechanics: Drive over 50 vehicles ranging from exotic sports cars to rugged SUVs. Master precision driving techniques, such as drifting and stunt jumps.
  • Variety of Missions: Engage in numerous missions, such as shootouts, street races, assassinations, and robberies. Progress through the main storyline or take on side quests for additional rewards.
  • Social Interaction: Connect with friends via social media platforms and challenge each other in asynchronous multiplayer battles. Join forces to conquer rival gang territories.
  • Visual Immersion: Enjoy breathtaking views of iconic locations throughout Las Vegas, brought to life through state-of-the-art graphics technology.
  • Dynamic Soundtrack: Listen to licensed music from renowned artists, tailored to fit specific situations and environments within the game.

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How to play:

1. Install Apk
2. Move “” to /sdcard/Android/obb/
3. Play the apk

Install APK,Place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/ and play.

Got License Error problem? Try these steps
1) Go to play store and search for Gangstar Vegas
2) Start Downloading the game when download starts cancel it
3) It’s Done you have the license for the game. (This process binds license for the particular game with your google id) it may work on all the free games.
4) Now use our Uploaded files, Game will work fine.


Can I create my own character?

Yes! You can choose between male or female, adjust face shape and size, skin tone, hair color/style, clothes etc. This adds a sense of ownership and connection to your avatar.

How realistic are the driving mechanics?

Very realistic! Cars react differently depending on speed, weight distribution, road conditions, weather etc. Drift mode allows advanced techniques such as power sliding through tight corners. Pursuit sequences involve evading police using tactical moves and special abilities like ramming barricades or EMP blasts.

What kind of missions are there?

Almost anything you could imagine doing in Vegas! From robbing banks, taking over rival gang turf, rescuing hostages, destroying drug labs, protecting VIP clients to simple delivery tasks. Sometimes choices must be made leading to branching paths with consequences later on. Boss fights often occur and usually end with spectacular explosions or helicopter extractions.

Is gambling allowed?

While actual betting isn’t possible, players can visit virtual representations of slot machines, roulette wheels, poker tables, blackjack and dice games. It serves mainly as a plot device, tutorial section or optional distraction earning minimal cash prizes. No actual money exchange occurs.

Final words

In conclusion, Gangstar Vegas APK is an action packed open world adventure game that provides endless entertainment and excitement for players who love thrill seeking experiences set in beautifully rendered digital versions of real cities. Its vast array of activities and missions offer something for everyone, whether they prefer role playing, combat, racing, or just exploring new places. With so many ways to play and progress, players will never run out of content or reasons to come back to this amazing game again and again. So what are you waiting for? Download Gangstar Vegas APK now and immerse yourself into the exciting criminal underworld of Las Vegas today!

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