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The game’s story is a prequel to the events of Def Jam Vendetta. However, the game uses many of the same situations and characters from Fight for NY, which is the third game in the series, chronologically. The player is still a nameless up-and-coming young street fighter brought into the world of underground street fighting after rescuing one of the game’s personalities from trouble with the police. However, instead of D-Mob being freed from police custody, like in Fight for NY, it is tattoo artist Manny who is saved from corrupt police officers. Manny takes the player to gang leader O.G., who becomes his “mentor”, who instructs him in how to fight to gain control of (take over) the five boroughs of New York City.
Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover PSP ISO
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Aki Corporation
Release Date: 08/31/2006

Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover  for Android mobile Gameplay

GAMEPLAY In Def Jam: Fight for NY – The Takeover, players take on the role of one of several real-life professional wrestlers or fictional characters and compete against each other in various modes including career mode, exhibition mode, and tag team mode. In career mode, players progress through different stages while taking part in fights with objectives that must be met before moving onto the next stage. These objectives can include tasks such as knocking out your opponent within a certain time limit or performing specific moves during combat. Exhibition mode allows players to select any character they want and fight against another player or CPU opponents in single or double battles. Tag team mode lets two players work together to defeat their opponents.


CONTROLS Controls are similar to most fighting games, with buttons used to perform punches, kicks, grapple moves, and special attacks unique to each character. Players also have access to different types of weapons like bats, crowbars, chairs, and others, which can be picked up from the environment or thrown at enemies. Using these objects not only deal damage but also change the pace of battle, encouraging strategic use to gain advantages over your opponent.


GRAPHICS Graphics in Def Jam: Fight for NY – The Takeover are decent, considering it’s a portable version meant to run on low-spec devices. Character models look good, with distinctive facial expressions and clothing styles. Each wrestler has their own signature move set that reflects their personalities well, making them stand out from each other. While environments may seem sparse, they capture the essence of New York City streets,


  • Career Mode: Offers a structured experience where players complete missions and challenges to advance to higher levels of competition in the underground world of illegal street fighting.
  • Customizable Characters: Players can create their own fighters using various parts, faces, clothes, tattoos, and accessories to make them stand out from the rest.
  • Online Multiplayer: Allows up to four players to compete against each other via Ad Hoc wireless connectivity.
  • Wide Roster of Real-Life Wrestlers: Features popular stars from both World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), adding authenticity to the game.
  • Variety of Combat Styles: Each wrestler has their unique move sets based on their real-world fighting style, such as submission holds, powerbombs, lariats, and more.
  • Weapons: Introduces environmental hazards, such as steel chairs and baseball bats, which can be used as weapons to turn the tides of battle.
  • Unlockables: Encourages replayability by offering unlockable content, including new characters, arenas, and music tracks.
  • Commentary: Provides commentary throughout matches, further immersing players into the intensity of the ring action.
  • Soundtrack: Boasts an extensive soundtrack featuring hip hop artists such as DMX, Lil Kim, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris, among many others.

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Q: Is there a tutorial available to help beginners get started?

A: Yes, there is a tutorial available that walks you through the basics of controls, combos, and strategy. Completing this tutorial will give you a better understanding of how to play the game effectively.

Q: Can I transfer my save data between multiple systems?

A: No, unfortunately, saved data cannot be transferred between multiple systems. You need to start fresh if you switch consoles.

Q: How do I unlock all the hidden content in the game?

A: To unlock all the hidden content, you need to achieve certain goals in career mod

Final words

Def Jam: Fight for NY – The Takeover” provides fans of fighting games an exciting and fast-paced gaming experience. With its variety of game modes, wide roster of real-life wrestlers, and customizable characters, this title offers hours of entertainment. Its best features include the career mode, online multiplayer, customizable characters, and a vast array of combat styles, weapons, and unlockables. Although graphics might feel dated compared to modern standards, the overall gameplay remains solid even today. If you enjoy competitive fighting games and love the energy and excitement of pro wrestling, then “Def Jam: Fight for NY – The Takeover” should definitely be added to your collection.

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