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Hello Friends, are you searching for a fighting game to play on Android & iOS? An immense fighting game with lots of combos and special powers. If yes, then Tekken 5 is for you, Tekken 5 Download for Android & iOS with full apk+Obb data files. Tekken 5 is also available on Android PPSSPP which you can free download without any problem. Here inam providing you all a Direct Mediafire download link to Tekken 5 Apk for All devices.

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About Tekken 5 APK

Tekken 5 is a very addictive Fighting game for Android that is created by none other than NAMCO bandai games. NAMCO bandai entertainment has created so many tekken games out there. All the official tekken series games are released by this company. Tekken 5 2018 game is the 6th main establishment of the tekken franchise after tekken 4. All of the tekken games gets popular just after the release. That’s the reason company is developing new versions after every 1-2 years.

Tekken 5 was firstly officially released for PlayStation 3 and PS2 then later it was released for PPSSPP gold apk emulator or PSP emulator. The psp version of this game called tekken Dark resurrection.

Character List

  • Returning characters Edit
  • Anna Williams
  • Baek Doo San
  • Bruce Irvin
  • Bryan Fury
  • King
  • Kuma
  • Lee Chaolan
  • Lei Wulong
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Marshall Law
  • Mokujin
  • Nina Williams
  • Panda
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Steve Fox
  • True Ogre
  • Wang Jinrei
  • Yoshimitsu


  • Christie Monteiro
  • Craig Marduk
  • Eddy Gordo a b d
  • Ganryu
  • Gun Jack
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Hwoarang
  • Jin Kazama
  • Julia Chang
  • Kazuya Mishima
  • Asuka Kazama
  • Devil Jin
  • Feng Wei
  • Jack-5
  • Jinpachi Mishima
  • Raven
  • Rojer jr.

Tekken 5 for Android mobile Gameplay

The gameplay of Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO is based on a classic fighting game genre. It features a wide range of characters, each with their unique fighting styles and moves. The game has different modes that allow players to engage in various challenges, such as arcade mode, survival mode, time attack mode, and story mode.


The graphics of Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO are top-notch, considering the platform it is being played on. The game features highly-detailed character models, smooth animations, and beautifully designed backgrounds. The overall visual presentation of the game is impressive, and players can expect a great experience in terms of graphics.

Tekken 5 Game Modes

The Game contains total of 9 options, from which 5 are the modes through which you can play the game in 5 different ways. The rest of the options are to adjust or improve the game’s function according to you. Here below i am explaining everything about all options you need to know.

Quick Battle

You may have played many fighting games before on your android mobile, and you might have seen a Free battle mode option in them. This is that mode, quick battle is a free battle mod of tekken 5. In this game mod you can create a round fight by selecting your favourite fighter and opponent too.

Story Battle

Follow the story mod each characters. The story mode depends on the character you select. By selecting the different characters, all the rounds and stages and bosses changes accordingly. Although all characters are already unlocked, so basically there is no rewards for completing story mod.

Arcade Battle

This is what most people like to play. Story mode can be boring sometimes because of delays in starting the next fight. Here in arcade mode, there is no delay, just win a fight and the next Battle round is waiting to challenge you. There are fixed number of stages and at the end, you will face the boss Jinpachi. Jinpachi is the Grand father of the Mishima family. He is a very powerful boss and way more hard to defeat than any other tekken Bosses.


The multiplayer option of tekken 5 apk, you must have fast 4G data connection to play this game on full speed and without hindrance on Multiplayer network battle. This is one of the most and probably the most entertaining feature among all. You can play with real time players instead of fighting with a CPU.


You may know that in tekken series games. We use combos and some powerful moves to defeat the opponent, there are so many key combination attacks for each characters. So you can’t play the game unless you complete your training first. Know all the key combinations and combos of all Characters/players to fight efficiently in a Real battle.

Tekken 5 Gameplay

The following features are present in the gameplay of Tekken 5 on Android.

Incredible Techniques

Every character in the movie will use a different fighting style to defeat the opposition. Use their combat style with extreme caution and accuracy. because your fighting action directly affects the advancement and health of your opponent. So, it is important to use caution while deciding which fighting manoeuvre to employ against an adversary. The moves in Tekken 5 are better than those in Tekken 3.


The next game will provide a vast variety of playable characters. There will be differences in each character’s skills and actions.

You can switch between characters as the game goes along to suit the circumstance. Each character will take control right away after you make your selection from the store or library.

Health bar

Your character’s health will be indicated via the progress metre. You can fight more cautiously thanks to it. Hence, watch out for the other player’s strikes if you want to control how quickly your health is lost.


Give this game a try just for the gorgeous sights alone. This app has a highly detailed layout of everything in the game.


The controls are easy to learn even for individuals who have never played a video game before. With the movements offered at the bottom of the screen, you can charge in their direction.

Bonus Benefits

If you continue to assault your opponent without harming yourself, you will receive bonus points.

Bonus points can be used to acquire additional health and lifelines. With bonus points, your chances of winning the game are higher.

Practice setting

Try the training modes first if you’re having problems getting into the game or learning the strategy.

After training sessions, you will have mastered all of the essential strategies for the game, making it much simpler for you to triumph.

Devil Stage

This iteration of Tekken does away with uneven stages in favour of a faster gameplay style reminiscent of the earlier titles in the series. Moreover, this is the first game in the series to let users customise their avatars with clothing, accessories, and other stuff bought with in-game currency. Players can choose from a total of 32 characters, including seven new warriors. The home edition of Tekken 3 includes the Devil Inside mode, a Tekken Force variation. Dark Resurrection adds a tonne of new features to the PSP home edition of the game, as opposed to Tekken 5.1, which merely aimed to balance the game.

Tekken 5 more unique options

The unique thing about Tekken 5 PPSSPP is that tekken Dojo mode is only available in it and no other variants of the game. In tekken Dojo mode, you can test your skills and fighting moves in different dojos on an island namely Gorin.

  • Attack mode – it’s just another arcade mode with a limited time you get to defeat the player.
  • Options – change the difficulty settings and volume settings
  • Profile – See the profiles of each characters, who they are, why they matter in the tekken 5.

Tekken 5 Game Features

  • 35 Total characters
  • 10 hit combo moves
  • More than 8 Special moves for all characters
  • 1 ultimate moves for each characters
  • All characters are already available and no need to unlock any of them.
  • 3D high quality models/skins and textures graphics.
  • Immense fighting
  • Offline Gameplay via PSP emulator apk
  • Save data available – since the game has been played and completed by many players before, you easily Download and set their data to have everything completed.

Tekken 5 Apk Download 35MB

People are searching for tekken 5 Apk Download 35mb, 100mb or in 200Mb size but this is a very high quality game and the original game size is 1.10Gb. To compress tekken 5 ppsspp in a short size, we have tried our best. And here providing your the best free tekken ppsspp game for Android highly compressed zip file. You can play tekken 5 apk offline in your android/iOS and PC devices.

How To Download Tekken 5 Apk + Obb Android

  • Firstly Download the Apk + Data file ( Download button below )
  • Now extract the zip file of data
  • Install the apk file and allow unknown sources ( If asked )
  • Open the apk and search for the Data file within the apk
  • Now just click on the data and start playing.

To play tekken 5 on iOS iphone, just install the psp emulator on the iPhone and download the iso data from this site and you can start playing.

So I hope you have understood everything and known everything you need to know about this game. In case If you are facing any problems regarding the Download and setup of the game, just comment down below. We will reply with the solution as soon as possible.

Download Link

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Questions and Answers

  1. Is Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO available for mobile devices?
  2. Yes, the game can be played on mobile devices using the PPSSPP emulator.
  3. How many characters are available in Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO?
  4. The game features 32 characters, each with their unique fighting style and moves.
  5. Can I play Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO online?
  6. Unfortunately, the game does not support online play.

Conclusion ,

Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO is a great fighting game that provides an excellent experience for players who enjoy the genre. The game’s graphics, character roster, and game modes make it a compelling choice for gamers. Despite its few drawbacks, Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO is an enjoyable game that is worth playing for anyone who loves fighting games.

Reviews “

I have been playing Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO for a few weeks now, and I must say that the game is fantastic. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay is smooth. I love the customization options, and the story mode is engaging. Overall, it’s an outstanding game that I would recommend to anyone who loves fighting games.” – John.

“Tekken 5 PPSSPP ISO is an incredible game with an excellent fighting system and a great selection of characters. The game’s graphics are impressive, and the different modes offer plenty of variety. The only downside is that it can become repetitive after a while. However, I still highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good fighting game.” – Samantha.

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