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Urban Reign is an old-school style 3D beat-em-up game for the Playstation 2.
Urban Reign is a beat-’em-up action game that takes you through 100 missions to protect your turf and features over 30 weapons, over 60 multiplayer characters, and unique fighting styles.


Urban Reign is a beat ’em up game where players can punch, kick, grapple, and use weapons to defeat their enemies. The game has a story mode, where players complete missions and progress through the game’s narrative. There is also a free mode, where players can battle against AI or other players in multiplayer mode.


The game’s control scheme is relatively simple, with basic attacks, grapples, and dodges mapped to the face buttons of the controller. Players can also use weapons that are scattered around the environment, which can be picked up and used during combat.


Urban Reign has relatively good graphics for its time, with detailed character models, environments, and animations. The game’s visual style is inspired by Japanese manga and anime, with exaggerated character designs and over-the-top action sequences.

Highly Compressed:

The Urban Reign PPSSPP ISO file can be highly compressed, which makes it easier to download and install on mobile devices with limited storage space. The compressed file size is usually around 500 MB, making it a quick download for those with fast internet connections.


  • A fast-paced fighting game set in a city environment.
  • Single-player story mode where you take on various missions and battles against rival gangs and bosses.
  • Multiplayer mode where you can battle against your friends and other players.
  • Wide range of playable characters, each with unique fighting styles and moves.
  • Intuitive and responsive controls, allowing you to execute various combos and attacks with ease.
  • Various weapons and objects can be picked up and used during battles.
  • Multiple fighting arenas with different layouts and obstacles.
  • High-quality graphics and animations, providing a realistic and immersive experience.
  • Highly compressed PPSSPP ISO file, making it easy to download and play on various devices.

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How to play:

Download ISO File
Extract this game using Winrar Get ISO File
Recommended emulator for PC And Android Pcsx2 or Play!
Install Emulator On your Android Mobile
Open Play! on Android Mobile PCSX2 on your Laptop or PC
Select ISO File Run and enjoy Game

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Q: Can Urban Reign be played on mobile devices?

A: Yes, Urban Reign can be played on mobile devices using the PPSSPP emulator, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Final words

Urban Reign is a fun and challenging beat ’em up game that provides hours of entertainment for fans of the genre. The game’s simple controls, great graphics, and exciting gameplay make it a must-play for anyone who enjoys action-packed video games.

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