The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO Download For Android

The Matrix Mobile PPSSPP ISO Download For Android

The Matrix Mobile Free  Summary about :

Hey Whats app Gamer’s, This day is going to be very overpowered for all of you. Because today I am going to tell you about two thousand five most popular battle game of The Matrix . And I will also tell you about how to download The Matrix PPSSPP Zip file and how to run The Matrix PPSSPP ISO etc. Next you should read this post comfortably and carefully.

The Matrix is an action and adventure game. That was released for PlayStation Portable on March 13 of 2007 and has developed the game by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The Matrix PSP is particularly famous video game for android its story mode. As you know, if the PlayStation 2 emulator in your mobile phone is in your phone. Next 90% of PlayStation 2 games hang in the mobile phone. Many android mobile phones also work in ps2 emulators and if you want to play the game of The Matrix in your mobile phone. Next good news for you. Now you can play this game with the help of PPSSPP emulator in your android phone without any problem The Matrix can play the game.

The graphics of The Matrix game is very top level, you get to see different ways in this game. As well as new characters and a cool story, this game is very popular game.

But if you are going to download this The Matrix PPSSPP emulator. Next you must read the requirement of this game that the game may not work in your mobile and your Android phone hangs. If you play this game with a PPSSPP emulator. I want to tell you that this game will not work with a normal PPSSPP emulator. So for this you need a special type of PPSSPP emulator, Which you can download from our website. Let’s see that The Matrix mobile PSP What system requirements are there in your Android device?


The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO gameplay is similar to that of other action games. Players take control of Neo and must complete a series of missions to progress through the game. The game features a variety of weapons and special abilities that players can use to defeat enemies and complete missions. The game also has a bullet time feature, allowing players to slow down time to perform incredible stunts and moves.


The controls of The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO are easy to use and intuitive. The game features an on-screen joystick for movement, and buttons for actions such as attacking, dodging, and jumping. The game also supports external controllers, making it easier for players who prefer a physical controller.


The graphics of The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO are impressive, with detailed character models, realistic environments, and high-quality sound effects. The game runs smoothly on most modern devices, but it does require a high-end device to get the best experience.


One of the most significant features of The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO is its storyline. The game features an all-new storyline set in the Matrix universe, giving players a unique experience. The game also has several new missions and activities, which add to the overall experience.

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How To Download

First of all you have to download The Matrix PSP file but the download link is given below.
Now you will need to download PPSSPP special emulator. Which you can download from our site now install PPSSPP emulator on your Android device.
If your The Matrix PSP file has been downloaded. After you will get to see that the format of the file is in zip. So now you have to get the iso file of The Matrix downloaded by you. need to extract the file beyond.
You can extract the file by following applications like zarchiver and es-file explorer etc. You can download these from Google Play Store.
After extracting the game you will get the iso file which you can put in one of the folders of internal storage of your Android phone. Next open PPSSPP emulator and select your game after you will see that The Matrix PSP file Working smoothly.

Download Link

IF Download server Not Working Writ Massage in comments


  • Impressive graphics and sound effects
  • Exciting gameplay with bullet time feature
  • Unique storyline


  • Requires a high-end device to run smoothly
  • Only available in ISO format
  • No official support from the franchise creators

Question and Answer

Q: Is The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO an official game?

A: No, it is not an official game created by the franchise creators. It is a fan-made game.

Q: Can I play The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO on my low-end device?

A: The game requires a high-end device to run smoothly. However, you can try lowering the graphics settings to improve performance on low-end devices.


The Matrix Awakens Mobile PPSSPP ISO is an excellent game for fans of the franchise and action game lovers. It offers a unique storyline set in the Matrix universe, impressive graphics and sound effects, and exciting gameplay. However, it does require a high-end device to get the best experience, and it is only available in ISO format. Overall, it is a must-try game for fans of the series and anyone looking for a new gaming experience.

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