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Metal Slug XX  for Android mobile Gameplay:

The core gameplay of Metal Slader XX revolves around navigating through different levels while shooting down enemies using a variety of weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and more. Players control a tank or mech and must blast their way past obstacles and enemy defenses to reach the end goal. Each level features unique terrain and enemies, so players need to adapt their tactics accordingly. The game also includes a variety of power-ups that can be collected along the way to enhance player abilities and increase firepower.


The controls in Metal Slader XX are straightforward and easy to learn. Players use virtual buttons on the screen to move their tank left, right, up, down, and aim their weapon. The controls are responsive and allow for precise movement and firing accuracy. Additionally, there are options to customize button layout and sensitivity settings to suit individual preferences.


One of the standout features of Metal Slader XX is its exceptional graphics. Despite being released almost twenty years ago, the game still looks impressive today with detailed environments, smooth animations, and realistic explosions. The vibrant color palette and crisp visual effects add to the immersion and make the game even more enjoyable to play.


  • Fast-paced action-packed gameplay
  • Challenging levels and boss fights
  • Variety of weapons and power-ups to collect and upgrade
  • Responsive touchscreen controls with customization options
  • Realistic physics and particle effects
  • Support for leaderboards and achievements
  • Multiple modes (Story mode, Mission Mode, Time Attack)
  • Cross-platform multiplayer via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection

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How to play And Setup Psp:

Download File
Extract here zip And Put Password
Install Emulator On your Device
Run Emulator and select your ISO Rom
Run And Play the game

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Q: How does Metal Slader XX differ from other arcade shooter games?

A: Metal Slader XX stands out with its fast-paced gameplay, strategic element with weapons and upgrades, and realistic physics engine.

Q: Is it possible to continue playing after losing all lives?

A: Yes, you can continue playing by watching ads or spending coins earned during gameplay.

Q: Are there any tips to improve my performance in Metal Slader XX?

A: Yes, here are some tips:

Final words

Overall, Metal Slader XX PPSSPP offers a satisfying experience for fans of the genre, providing plenty of challenge, replayability, and excitement. Whether you are new to the series or returning to it, there is no denying the charm and fun that comes with controlling a powerful tank and taking down hordes of enemies with style. So gather your friends, connect online, and show off your skills – who knows, maybe you could be crowned champion in the global rankings. See you in battle!

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