Kingdom Two Crowns Mod Apk v1.1.19 (Free Shopping)

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App NameKingdom Two Crowns Mod Apk
Publisher Approm
Size 760 MB
Latest Version v1.1.19
MOD InfoFree Shopping
Price Free


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Kingdom Two Crowns invites players into a mesmerizing micro-strategy adventure that marries simplicity with stunning pixel art. As you step into this captivating realm, you assume the role of a noble king entrusted with nurturing a budding kingdom in its early days of construction. Your journey will demand the full extent of your leadership abilities, as you must rally your subjects while thwarting the nefarious schemes of cunning adversaries.

Venturing into the Nordic Lands

With each new release, Kingdom Two Crowns unfurls fresh landscapes for players to explore. The latest addition, the Nordic land, draws inspiration from the Norse Viking culture of 1000 AD and marks the game’s first Premium DLC featuring a genuinely unique biome.

Building Thriving Civil Homes

But that’s not all. Kingdom Two Crowns introduces players to even more distinctive experiences as they can now build citizen homes in extraordinary locations. Despite the ruins of wandering camps, this seemingly abandoned place can be reclaimed and used in the latest version. Moreover, players can recruit additional citizens here, although the rugged terrain comes at a steeper price.

Ascend to Royal Power

As the ruler of your fledgling kingdom, your reign is just beginning, and the road ahead is fraught with challenges and hardships. Success hinges on your ability to summon loyal subjects with discerning eyes.

Fighting the Greedy

In Kingdom Two Crowns, your adversaries are avaricious marauders with sinister motives. These unscrupulous thieves show no fear, boldly challenging players to capture them and seize the opportunity to steal the crown. They lie in wait, striking when players least expect it, making vigilance imperative.

Defeating the Greed

Jump into the campaign mode to embark on real-time empire-building, even as the enemy looms large. Protect your kingdom for as long as possible, seeking the most effective means to defeat the insatiable Greed. Along the way, uncover the secrets hidden deep within the forested expanse.

Mysterious and Spooky Realms

Yet, Kingdom Two Crowns doesn’t confine itself to traditional medieval settings alone. It offers a land of eerie enchantment that will delight and mystify players. The Dead Lands, the darkest corner of this kingdom, beckons the brave to explore. Few worlds are as hauntingly atmospheric as this one. Moreover, the Shogun expansion adds a thrilling dimension, drawing inspiration from Japan’s feudal era and culture.

In Kingdom Two Crowns, the stage is set for a regal adventure filled with enchanting visuals and immersive gameplay. It’s not just a game; it’s an opportunity to craft your medieval tale in a world as mysterious as it is beautiful. So, embrace your crown and embark on a journey that will test your leadership skills and strategic prowess in the face of formidable challenges.

How to play And set APK:

First, you must uninstall the version if you have installed it.
Then, download Kingdom Two Crowns Mod APK on our site.
After downloading, you must find the APK file and install it.
You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside the Play Store.
Then, you can open and enjoy the Kingdom Two Crowns Mod APK.

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