Kaido Racer 2 (Europe) PPSSPP ISO For Android Mobile

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App NameKaido Racer 2 (Europe) PPSSPP
Publisher Approm cc
Size 2.9 GB
Latest Version v1.0
Price Free


Kaido Racer 2 (Europe) PPSSPP ISO For Android Mobile

About Game

Kaido Racer 2 is a racing game that was released for the PlayStation 2 in Europe in 2006. The game is developed by Genki, a Japanese game developer known for their racing games. Kaido Racer 2 is the sequel to the original Kaido Racer and builds upon the gameplay and features of the first game.


The core mechanics of Kaido Racer 2 revolve around drifting and overtaking opponents on the road. Each race has multiple laps that the players must complete before reaching the finish line. Along the way, they will encounter traffic, obstacles, and other racers who will try to stop them from winning. The goal is to reach the end first while earning money and reputation points that can be used to upgrade vehicles or purchase new ones.

One unique feature of Kaido Racer 2 is its use of real-life locations throughout Japan. The game uses detailed maps and accurate representations of famous landmarks such as Tokyo Tower, Mt. Fuji, and more. This adds a sense of authenticity and immersion to the experience. The graphics are also quite impressive considering it’s a handheld console game with smooth frame rates and detailed car models.


In terms of controls, Kaido Racer 2 offers customizable settings that allow players to adjust sensitivity levels for steering, acceleration, braking, and drift inputs. The default setup works well enough for most players but those looking for fine-grained control can tweak things to their liking. There are also multiple camera angles available during races including chase view and cockpit mode.


  • Real-world locations: The game includes detailed maps and accurate representations of famous Japanese landmarks, adding a sense of authenticity and immersion to the experience.
  • Customizable controls: Players can adjust sensitivity levels for steering, acceleration, braking, and drift inputs to suit their preferences.
  • Multiple camera views: Including chase view and cockpit mode, giving players flexibility in how they want to see the action unfold.
  • Varied course types: From expressways to mountain roads and urban streets, each track presents unique challenges and opportunities for exploration.
  • Diverse vehicle selection: The player can choose from various cars and motorcycles with distinct performance characteristics and handling qualities.
  • Upgrade system: Earn money and reputation points to improve existing vehicles or buy new ones altogether.

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Game Name Kaido Racer 2
Region Europe
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release 2006-12-01 (17 years ago)
Genre Racing
Publisher Genki, Konami
Languages English, French, German
Image Format ISO
Game ID SLES-53900
Downloads 1,108

How to play And Setup Psp:

Download File
Extract here zip And Put Password
Install Emulator On your Device
Run Emulator and select your ISO Rom
Run And Play the game


Q: What kind of music can I expect to hear in Kaido Racer 2?

A: Kaido Racer 2 features a mix of electronic dance tracks and guitar rock songs that fit the fast-paced nature of the game. While the soundtrack may not appeal to everyone, it generally complements the high-speed racing action nicely.

Q: How do I perform drifts in Kaido Racer 2?

A: To execute a proper drift in Kaido Racer 2, hold down the left analog stick while turning the right analog stick in the opposite direction. This will cause your car/motorcycle to start sliding sideways, allowing you to maintain speed while navigating turns effectively. Practice makes perfect – don’t worry if you struggle at first, it’ll take time and patience to master the technique.

Q: Can I modify my car’s appearance in Kaido Racer 2?

A: Unfortunately, no. Although you have access to several real-world brands like Toyota, Mazda, Honda etc., the cosmetic modifications are limited to changing decals and color schemes. However, you can still make meaningful changes under the hood to enhance power, weight distribution, and other key attributes of your ride.

Final words

Overall, Kaido Racer 2 provides an exciting racing experience that combines realistic environments, challenging gameplay, and great visuals. With plenty of unlockable content and replay value, this PSP classic remains a fan favorite even today. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the franchise or just starting out, Kaido Racer 2 should provide hours of entertainment.

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