Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK v14.8.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Reward)

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App NameIdle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK
Publisher Approm cc
Size 188 MB
Latest Version v14.8.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Free Reward
Price Free


Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK v14.8.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Reward)
You can free Download Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon MOD APK For Android. This Pro APK provides Unlocked All Premium Features and No Ads. Install Your Mobile Phone.
Enter the virtual realm of healthcare management with the Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon Mod APK, where you can build and run your hospital, aid patients in their recovery, and amass substantial wealth. This modified version offers unlimited money, ensuring you never run out of resources and comes with free rewards for your dedicated efforts. Embrace your inner tycoon and hospital manager as you create a once-abandoned mental institution, provide essential patient care, and turn your healthcare facility into a thriving financial venture.

Gameplay Overview:

In typical tycoon fashion, you’ll start with a modest number of wards and patients. As a hospital administrator, your primary responsibilities include creating the ideal conditions for patient recovery. This involves providing nourishment, clean clothing, showers, and ample patient rest. In idle gaming, these tasks are simplified, ensuring a seamless experience.

Success in this game hinges on your ability to efficiently treat patients, which, in turn, translates into increased profits. Remember that financial success is as crucial as providing quality care in idle tycoon games.

Build a Dream Team:

To manage your hospital like an actual tycoon, hire a variety of staff, including cooks, cleaners, orderlies, and doctors. Maintaining order and keeping patients content is paramount, as unrest can lead to chaotic situations. A well-trained and efficient staff is your key to success.

Expansion and Innovation:

With a constant influx of patients, your hospital needs to grow and evolve rapidly. Expand your facility by adding extra wards and rooms. Unique locations like the woods, an island, mountainous terrain, or even an orbiting space station are available for establishing new hospitals. As your hospital empire flourishes, you’ll find a balance between business success and patient welfare.

Prioritizing Patient Care:

It’s essential to remember that the ultimate goal is to offer quality rehabilitation and treatment to your patients. While it might be tempting to cut corners or make questionable decisions to save money, your primary focus should always be the well-being of your patients rather than quick profits.

Challenging Yet Addictive Gameplay:

The gameplay of Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon may seem deceptively simple initially, but it becomes progressively more challenging as you advance. Managing the hospital and handling patients’ resistance and escape attempts requires strategic thinking and long-term planning.

Staffing Excellence:

Quality treatment hinges on hiring the right staff with diverse skills. From doctors to janitors and nurses, striking the perfect balance is vital to your hospital’s success. Ensure your employees receive ongoing training to stay up-to-date with the latest treatment methods.

Expansion Opportunities:

Once you’ve mastered one hospital, the game allows you to construct new hospitals in various locations, treating more patients and maximizing your earnings.

How to play And set APK:

First, you must uninstall the version if you have installed it.
Then, download Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon Mod APK on our site.
After downloading, you must find the APK file and install it.
You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside the Play Store.
Then, you can open and enjoy the Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon Mod APK.


Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon is an immersive and enjoyable simulation game that tests your hospital management skills. It challenges you to hire competent staff, provide exceptional patient care, and generate profits. With its top-tier graphics and sound systems, this game offers a captivating experience. If you’re seeking an unrestricted gaming experience, the Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon Mod APK for Android is your ideal choice. It provides unlimited money, eliminates ads, and offers free shopping, ensuring you can enjoy the game without constraints. Download it now and embark on your journey as a hospital tycoon.

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