Garten of Banban 7 APK v1.0 Download free for Android & iOS Mobile

Garten of Banban 7 APK v1.0 Download free for Android & iOS Mobile

Welcome to the world of Garten of Banban 7 APK, where horror meets chaos in a kindergarten setting like no other. Dive into the chilling tale of this mobile game, packed with monsters, suspense, and unexpected alliances.

Origins of Banban’s Kindergarten

Once a beacon of educational bliss, Banban’s Kindergarten was renowned for its joyful atmosphere and the Banban and Friends Gang, ensuring every child felt accompanied and safe.

Garten of Banban Series Recap

Before delving into the latest installment, let’s recap Garten of Banban 6, where our characters faced the Scepter Room drama and encountered terrifying foes like Syringeon and Bittergiggle.

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Characters Unveiled

  1. Banban: The Devil Uthman Adam
    • Once a beloved mascot, now a nightmare incarnate with a chilling craving for pancreas.
  2. Syringeon: The Surgical Menace
    • A monstrous figure obsessed with experimental surgeries and a deep-seated hatred for humanity.
  3. Bittergiggle: The Dual-Natured Jester
    • Evolving from antagonist to ally, driven by a quest for laughter and redemption.
  4. Sir Dadadoo: The Menacing Businessman
    • A slippery, menacing figure in a sharp suit embodying pure menace.
  5. Brushista: The Artistic Anteater
    • A splash of color in the darkness, adding intrigue with a painter’s touch.
  6. Flumbo: The Enigmatic Shadow
    • A wise, mysterious counterpart to Banban, adding depth to the storyline.
  7. Sheriff Toadster: The Law Enforcer
    • A tough, tactical character with a Western charm, maintaining order in chaos.

The Journey Continues in Garten of Banban 7

Embark on a solo mission through Banban’s Kindergarten, now overrun with enemies. Discover the truth behind the mysteries and locate your missing child amidst the horror.

Experience the Horror Across Languages

The game supports a wide array of languages for global accessibility, ensuring everyone can enjoy the terror of Garten of Banban 7.

Conclusion: Brace Yourself for Garten of Banban 7

Prepare for the ultimate horror adventure on your mobile device. Garten of Banban 7 APK promises a spine-chilling experience where alliances shift, horrors lurk, and the fate of Banban’s Kindergarten hangs in the balance. Dive into the chaos—alone.

 Information :

App NameGarten of Banban 7 APK
Publisher Approm cc
Size 1700 MB
Latest Version v2.0
MOD InfoMobile
Price Free


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