Best Guns In Free Fire For Dealing High Damage In Close Combats

Free Fire is a battle royal game in which guns play a crucial role. The game allows players to carry two guns at a time and most players prefer carrying two guns for two different ranges. The one is for the long-range like snipers and the second one is an SMG, AR, or shotgun for short-range.

Choosing the best and most effective short ranges guns is extremely important as most of the time while players are running alone on the battlefield or seeking in a house and suddenly see an enemy very much close to them. In these situations having the best and high damage-causing guns in close range is necessary.

Therefore in this article, we are going to find out the best guns for close-range combats in Free Fire:


The MP5 is an awesome SMG gun that offers you decent damage, a high rate of fire and the best reload speed among all. These guns can help players while they are near to an enemy but not too close. The accuracy, range, magazine, and moment speed of MP5 is quite high that helping players to counter more enemies in less time. In addition, if you are a beginner then this may be the best gun to use due to its high accuracy. Moreover, in CS matches you will get to see this gun which allows you to have regular practice with this gun and perform better in classic ranked matches.


Thompson is a Submachine gun that uses SMG Ammo. This is one of the most common guns that you can find in any of the modes like CS and Classic. It has decent damage but a high magazine capacity that helps in close combats. Moreover, Thomson has decent accuracy and a high rate of fire. Therefore you can say that this is the most balanced gun that you can use to kill an enemy close to you.


Many players love to use MP40 due to this insane rate of fire of approx 83. This is one of the best SMG guns that you can use to tackle an enemy in close combats. The gun also offers you decent damage, reload speed, and high moment speed. The accuracy of this gun is quite low therefore it is recommended to use this gun only for close combats. If you are a person how doesn’t like to use a shotgun then this gun is definitely for you.


M1014 is a continuous firing shotgun that has a very high damage of 94. As this is a short gun you will have a low range and magazine capacity of only 7 rounds at a time. Therefore it is the best gun only if you are very much close to your enemy and if you are a bit far from your enemy then this gun is just a waste. We don’t recommend using this gun in classic mode however this may be a good option in clash squad mode.



M1887 is a shotgun that is one of the best guns in Free Fire. It has insane damage of 100-170 which is capable enough to kill an enemy in a single short. This is the only double shotgun in this game. The armor penetration, range, rate of fire, reload speed, moment speed is quite hight than any other close combat gun in Free Fire. Therefore if you want to become a pro and encounter more enemies this may be the best gun for you. It is also available in clash squad mode which helps you practice and build better controls on this gun and have booyah each time.

Having the right weapon can make all the difference in close-range encounters in Garena Free Fire. The guns mentioned above are among the best for short-range combat, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. Stay tuned for more such weapon guides, mission walkthroughs, game reviews, and other exciting content.

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