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Being A DIK Free Apk Summary about :

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Being A DIK MOD APK puts you in the shoes of Dik, a college student who is struggling to find his place in the world. The game revolves around Dik’s interactions with his classmates, professors, and other characters he meets along the way. As the story unfolds, players must make choices that will impact Dik’s relationships and ultimately determine the direction of the game’s plot. The game offers a unique blend of adventure, drama, and romance, making it an engaging experience for players.


The game’s controls are simple and easy to navigate, with players using touch controls to interact with the game’s interface. The game’s user-friendly controls allow players to immerse themselves in the game’s story without worrying about cumbersome controls or complicated gameplay mechanics.


Being A DIK MOD APK features stunning graphics that bring the game’s characters and world to life. The game’s developers have put in a lot of effort to create a visually stunning game that enhances the overall gameplay experience. The game’s character models are well-crafted, and the backgrounds are detailed and realistic, adding depth to the game’s story and world.

Unlimited Money:

Being A DIK MOD APK offers players unlimited money, which can be used to purchase in-game items and unlock additional content. This feature adds a new level of excitement to the game, allowing players to explore the game’s world to its fullest potential.


  • Engaging and complex storyline with multiple endings
  • A variety of interesting and diverse characters with their own unique stories
  • Choices and decisions that impact the game’s outcome and character relationships
  • High-quality graphics and animation
  • Multiple gameplay options, including minigames and puzzles
  • Steamy romance scenes that are tastefully done
  • Updated regularly with new content and bug fixes
  • Unlimited money for in-game purchases
  • Compatible with the latest Android devices and operating systems

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How to play And Setup Apk:

Install Apk File
And place data folder in SDCard/Android/Obb/
If there is no Obb folder in Android folder then make new one and place data folder in Obb folder.
Play the game
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Download Link

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Q: Can Being A DIK MOD APK be played offline?

A: Yes, Being A DIK MOD APK can be played offline, making it a convenient game to play on the go or in areas with limited connectivity.

Final words

Being A DIK MOD APK is a must-play game for fans of visual novel games. The game’s intriguing plot, well-developed characters, and engaging gameplay make it a unique and entertaining experience. With the unlimited money feature, players can explore the game to its fullest potential and enjoy all the game’s content without worrying about in-game purchases.

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