Succubus Stories APK v0.14.3 For Android [MOD]

 Information :

App NameSuccubus Stories APK
Publisher Approm cc
GenreSexy Game
Size 426 MB
Latest Version v0.14.3
MOD Info Premium MOD
Price Free


Succubus Stories APK v0.14.3 For Android [MOD]

Succubus Stories APK Download for Android

Succubus Stories APK is now available for Android, offering an immersive experience with the latest version of the game ported to mobile. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the game, including how to download and install it on your Android device without any hassle. Stay with us to the end to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

About Succubus Stories

Succubus Stories is a captivating text-based puzzle game currently under development for both personal computers and online platforms. While it can be played for free online, supporting the game on Patreon grants access to the Patron Edition, featuring built-in cheats, convenience options, and early content updates.

Game Story

In Succubus Stories, players take on the role of a peasant girl who transforms into a succubus. The narrative follows her quest for revenge against the powerful individuals who destroyed her life and seized her family’s land. To survive, she must control her intense desires, relying on semen as sustenance, while strategically approaching her objectives.

Current Status of the Game

The game is approximately 95% complete, with this estimation pertaining to the Patron Version, which often precedes the Free Edition in terms of content availability. Succubus Stories has expanded significantly, now encompassing around 490,000 words. It includes more than 75 distinct activities, hundreds of unique and recurring events, over 30 different side quests, numerous qualities, perks, and special powers, as well as a wide array of potions to create.

With four out of five planned story chapters finished, the game features a non-linear, branching storyline with meaningful choices. It also boasts three main relationship options and engaging secondary characters who can become friends or lovers.

Features of the Latest Version 2024

Dynamic Sexual Encounters: Utilize a turn-based interface to engage in various sex acts with male and female companions, offering hundreds of evolving possibilities.

Extensive Sensual Content: Discover hundreds of unique events, activities, game systems, and missions, covering a broad spectrum of quirky and fascinating mechanics.

Sandbox-Style Game Design: Interact with the world and NPCs freely. You can beg, wander unclothed, solicit characters for sex, or even be placed in a dungeon for obscene behavior. The game reacts in realistic and exciting ways to your reputation, fetishes, and actions.

Compelling Narrative: Experience a non-linear story with intriguing characters, a choice-driven plot, and many unexpected twists.

Character Development: Unlock new pursuits and actions. Develop obsessions and sexual prowess, acquire various qualities and advantages, and create powerful potions with intriguing effects through alchemy.

Accessibility: Play the game in any modern web browser, online or offline, with executable versions available for Windows.

Mod Support: The Windows edition includes mod support, with tools and documentation available to all users.


Succubus Stories offers a unique and engaging experience for fans of text-based games, especially those with mature themes. While this genre might not appeal to everyone, the game’s immersive storyline and explicit content set it apart. If you’re interested in trying a text-based adult game and are looking for one that stands out, Succubus Stories is an excellent choice. The combination of detailed narrative, character development, and freedom of choice makes it a standout in its category.

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