Sapphire Safari (Early Access) Apk v023 Download For Android

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App NameSapphire Safari APK
Publisher Approm cc
Size 2 gB
Latest Version v023
MOD InfoDownload For Android
Price Free
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Sapphire Safari (Early Access) Apk v023 Download For Android


Embark on an adventurous journey with the Sapphire Safari Early Access APK, now available for both Android and iOS platforms. Delve into the captivating world of Monster Girls, capturing their essence in their natural habitats. This article explores the game’s background, gameplay, unique features, and concludes with a glimpse into the thrilling experiences it offers.

About Sapphire Safari Early Access APK

Sapphire Safari is an open-world photography adventure game that beckons players to answer the call of the wild. As a wildlife photographer, your mission is to explore uncharted terrain and document the lives of Monster Girls, showcasing their social interactions, hunting habits, and more. The game revolves around the mysteries of the Sapphire Islands, enticing adventurers with its rich wildlife.

Gameplay of Sapphire Safari APK for iOS and Android

Developed by Kinky Fridays, Sapphire Safari is an action-packed adventure where players embark on a quest to discover Monster Girls and their habitats. The immersive gameplay involves encountering Monster Girls in their daily routines, from socializing to mating, in unexplored territories. The game’s visuals and compelling storyline promise an exciting blend of adventure and photography, providing a unique gaming experience.

Features of Sapphire Safari Mod APK Unlocked All

The article highlights the ongoing development of Sapphire Safari and its unique concept. The game revolves around The Sapphire Islands, an uncharted area teeming with furry-like animals and captivating Monster Girls. The narrative unfolds as players delve into the disappearance of the initial exploration team, tasked with documenting this remarkable discovery.

Similar to Pokémon Snap

Drawing parallels to Pokémon Snap, the gameplay involves exploring different areas and capturing images of exotic creatures and Monster Girls. While utilizing various lures to attract them, players aim to gain the trust of these creatures, progressing through the game. Despite the explicit nature of the gameplay, the focus is on building connections and trust with the Monster Girls.

Cuter Than a Spook

The inhabitants of The Sapphire Islands, referred to as Monster Girls, are described as creatures resembling furry girls. The article touches upon the game’s vibrant colors, appealing character designs, and the potential enjoyment for fans of monsters and furry females.

Key Features of Sapphire Safari Early Access Apk Latest Version 

  • Explore five fully realized worlds teeming with Monster Girls.
  • Enjoy the voices of a complete cast of industry-standard voice actors.
  • Discover diverse and intriguing locations while documenting the local wildlife.
  • Build unique connections with Monster Girls in their distinctive settings.
  • Access exclusive photo shoots with each Monster Girl, capturing flawless pinups.


The writer shares experiences reminiscent of Bugsnax and Pokémon Snap, expressing enjoyment in the game’s updates. With a blend of exotic monsters, adorable furry females, and the thrill of exploring an unfamiliar island, Sapphire Safari Early Access APK promises a unique and entertaining gaming experience.

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