GTA-V Prologue APK v0.1 (Full Game)

 Information :

App NameGTA-V Prologue APK
Publisher Approm cc
Size 107 MB
Latest Version v0.1
MOD InfoFull Game
Price Free
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GTA-V Prologue APK v0.1 (Full Game)

Relive the Iconic Missions of Protagonists

Step into a miniature version of the mobile platform as GTA-V Prologue brings to life the famous missions of GTA V with high-quality, optimized 3D graphics. Immerse yourself in the intense atmosphere of regular gunfights while experiencing the impressive story missions of each respective character. Although not a complete replica of the original, the game promises full thrills in the main mission linearities, delivering a refreshing and action-packed experience.

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Various Characters to Play and Swap

Dive into the world of GTA-V Prologue with a variety of characters, providing multiple perspectives to complete missions. The game demands strategic character swaps to progress through quests, and each role contributes significantly to the task’s progress. In complex missions, character transitions enhance the gameplay experience, allowing players to feel the tense atmosphere of dangerous heists and missions.

Realistic Graphics and High-Quality Visuals

Experience graphics equal to the original GTA V, with perfect lighting effects that capture every detail. Realistic explosion effects and eye-catching visuals intensify gunfights, while sharp and detailed designs of vehicles, weapons, and character models ensure absolute immersion in the main plot activities.

A Wide Selection of Weapons

GTA-V Prologue offers an extensive array of weapons, each tailored to different combat distances for enhanced entertainment. The versatility of each weapon allows players to progress through various stages or creatively dispatch enemies. Customization options and additional equipment purchases expedite progress during heists, providing a dynamic and engaging experience.

Multiple Intense Heists to Play

Relive the criminal journey by reconstructing the main story’s heist events realistically. Experience the excitement on your phone and witness the meticulous planning required for stealth missions. For professionals, completing heists silently without firing a single bullet is an achievable feat, adding a layer of challenge to the gameplay.

Fascinating Car-Chasing Moments

Become part of high-speed chase situations, a quintessential element of the main plot. GTA-V Prologue offers a diverse vehicle system with a wide range of colors and performances, crucial for progressing through heists. Engage in intense and dramatic chases, shooting while driving for a blockbuster action movie experience or covering your partner to escape the death clutch.


GTA-V Prologue successfully revives the thrill of GTA V with enhanced graphics, offering players an immersive experience in the world of high-stakes heists and intense gunfights. The inclusion of various characters, realistic graphics, a wide selection of weapons, and multiple heists ensures a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Whether reliving iconic missions or participating in fascinating car-chasing moments, GTA-V Prologue delivers a satisfying and action-packed adventure on your mobile device.

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