Assassin’s Creed Altaïr’s Chronicles HD Mod Apk + Data For Android

Assassin’s Creed Altaïr’s Chronicles Free Apk Summary about :

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Assassin’s Creed Altaïr’s Chronicles  for Android mobile Gameplay

In this game, players take on the role of Altair Ibn La-Ahad, a member of the Hashshashin sect (also known as the Assassins) during the Crusades. The story follows Altair as he travels through different cities in the Middle East, including Damascus, Acre, and Jerusalem, to uncover a conspiracy against the Brotherhood. As he progresses through the game, players must use their skills in combat, parkour, and stealth to complete various missions and assassination contracts.


The controls are optimized for touchscreen devices and offer smooth and responsive movements. Players can control Altair’s movement by using virtual buttons or swiping gestures, allowing them to run, climb, jump, and fight enemies with ease. The game also features several mini-games that challenge players’ dexterity and reflexes, such as escaping from guards or pickpocketing targets.


One of the standout features of “Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles” is its stunning visuals. The environments are richly detailed and feature animations that bring the world to life. Character models are highly detailed, and each city has its own unique look and feel. The soundtrack also adds to the overall atmosphere, featuring epic music that complements the game’s setting and events.


  • Reap the benefits of many assasin to perform acrobatic techniques.
  • Execute impressive combo attacks, pairing sword finesse and also kicks.
  • Ability based little games fit your tolerance & dexterity towards asasin to test thoroughly steal important items simply by picking pockets from your crowd and also coerce informants in order to speak with asassin.
  • Feel The Power
  • Adapt your own fighting techniques using weaponry for equally close beat and prolonged range
  • violence including swords, daggers, a grappling lift, and bombs.
  • Gather orbs in order to upgrade health and weapons.
  • Deep Immersion At The Center East
  • Check out the thoroughly rendered and also historic world from the crusades
  • Uniquely stunning tension, intensified by cinematics and also character voice

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How to play:
1. Install Apk
2. Move data to “sdcard/gameloft/games/”
3. Run the game
Requires Android 2.3

Download Link

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Q1: Is there a tutorial included?

A1: Yes, the game includes a brief tutorial at the beginning that introduces players to the basic controls and mechanics. It covers essential moves like running, climbing, and fighting.

Q2: Can I customize my character’s appearance?

A2: No, there isn’t an option to change Altair’s looks or equipment beyond selecting weapons before starting a mission. However, his outfit changes slightly based on your progression throughout the story.

Q3: Are there microtransactions?

A3: No, the base price of the game includes all content available without any additional purchases required. In-app ads may appear but can be disabled via settings if desired.

Final words

Overall, “Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles HD Mod Apk” offers an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience. Fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise will appreciate the opportunity to revisit the series’ roots, while newcomers will find a thrilling adventure set in a fascinating historical period. With intuitive controls, beautiful graphics, and exciting gameplay mechanics, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So grab your device and step into the shoes o

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