Powerdise MOD APK v2.8 [Unlimited money]

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App NamePowerdise MOD APK
Publisher Approm cc
Size 2 GB
Latest Version v2.8
MOD InfoUnlimited money
Price Free


Powerdise MOD APK v2.8 [Unlimited money]

Powerdise is an exhilarating action game set in a vibrant city powered by high-dimensional energy. This adventure-packed game allows you to team up with friends from around the globe, engage in thrilling battles in the Sky Arena, and explore the city for fascinating adventures. Download the free Powerdise APK to dive into a world of competition, exploration, and fun.

Cube Wars: A Battle Like No Other

Attack and Defend!

Cube Wars is a core feature of Powerdise, where four teams of four battle it out in an intense competition. The objective is to protect your Crew’s cube, allowing you to respawn even if you die. Simultaneously, you must destroy the enemies’ Energy Core and survive until the end.

Diverse Roles

With 14 unique roles, each equipped with distinctive skills, and over 20 different items boasting unique features, strategizing with your Crew is crucial. Each role and item offers various advantages, allowing for dynamic and strategic gameplay.

Compete in Multiple Arenas

Powerdise features five different arenas where you and your friends can challenge each other in team battles, brawls, mystery box openings, and more. Each arena provides a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and claim your glory.

Random Events

Expect the unexpected in Cube Wars. Thunderstorms, fog, and zero-gravity bubbles can randomly appear on the battlefield. Instead of panicking, use these events to your advantage and help your Crew secure victory.

Make Friends Worldwide

Powerdise not only offers intense battles but also a platform to make new friends. Show off your skills in Cube Wars, collaborate with players globally, and forge new friendships along the way.

Explore the City: Endless Adventures

City Trip with Friends

Beyond the battles, Powerdise offers a myriad of activities within its energetic city. Embark on a city trip with friends to experience snowball fights, seaside fishing, and more. Each adventure is a chance to bond and explore the dynamic environment.

Customize and Create

Express your creativity by decorating your own cabin and inviting friends to visit. Show off your personalized space and share your unique style with the world.


Powerdise is more than just an action game; it’s a vibrant world full of energy, competition, and camaraderie. Whether you’re battling it out in Cube Wars or exploring the city with friends, Powerdise offers endless fun and opportunities for adventure. Download the free Powerdise APK today and immerse yourself in this electrifying world.

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