Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod PSP ISO V2

 Information :

App NameDragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team
Publisher Approm cc
Size 480 MB
Latest Version v1.1
Price Free


Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod PSP ISO V2

Hello everyone! Today, I am excited to introduce you to the Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod, a game that brings the best of DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team with a permanent menu style reminiscent of DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3. This mod is compatible with any device via a PSP emulator and promises a seamless gaming experience without crashes. Let’s dive into the details of this fantastic game.

Introduction to the Mod

What is Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod?

Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod is an offline 3D fighting game for PSP, developed by BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT. It offers the thrilling gameplay of DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3, which was originally for PS2, now made easily playable on Android devices thanks to the PSP emulator. This mod features DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 style character models, attacks, and a permanently fixed menu.

Game Features

Dragon Walker

In the Dragon Walker mode, players can experience the Dragon Ball Z storyline with characters from Dragon Ball Super. This mode promises an engaging and immersive storyline experience.

Battle Selection

The Battle Selection mode offers Survival and 100 Battle Mod options. Players can choose their tag team characters and dive into intense survival battles or complete the challenging 100 Battle Mod.

Free Battle

Free Battle mode allows for 1 vs 1 or team battles. Players can select their characters and opponents to enjoy unlimited free battles.


The multiplayer mode is an exciting feature that enables you to play with friends. By connecting your Android phones via a hotspot and configuring the PSP network settings, you can create a room and battle your friends offline.


In the Training mode, players can hone their fighting skills and learn the abilities of various characters, making it a perfect way to master the game.


Customize mode allows players to enhance their characters’ defense and attack power, tailoring their fighters to their preferences.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay of this mod is straightforward and captivating, with easy-to-learn character skills. Here are some of the notable gameplay features:

  • Jumping, kicking, and punching
  • Flying and fast flying
  • Ki charge and ki blast
  • Three types of attacks for every character
  • Shot exchange and blow exchange
  • Super Saiyan transformations
  • Instant transmission
  • DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 style fighting sound effects

What’s New in This Mod

Permanent Fixed Menu

The mod includes a permanently fixed menu styled like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3. To see this menu fully, set the PSP system language to America Latino. The menu features new battle selection options, maps, music, and fighting effects, all in the style of DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3.


The mod offers a variety of characters with new models and attacks, including:

  • Goku: All forms from Dragon Ball Super with BT3 attacks.
  • Vegeta: All forms from DBS and DBGT Vegeta SSJ4 with BT3 models and attacks.
  • Black Goku and Zamasu: Featuring BT3 and anime-style attacks.
  • Gohan: All forms with new attacks, including Ultimate Gohan.
  • Fusions: Gogeta Blue and Vegito Blue with anime and BT3 attacks.
  • Beerus: God of Destruction with new attacks and aura.
  • Jiren: Base and full power with new BT3 model and attacks.
  • Broly: All forms with new BT3 and anime-style attacks and models.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the ISO: The download link is provided.
  2. Extract the files: Use a RAR extractor app.
  3. Save Data: If you have existing save data, don’t use it. Copy the new save data file into the PSP folder.
  4. Install PSP Emulator: Download and install a PSP emulator suitable for your device.
  5. Configure PSP Emulator: Open and close the emulator to create the PSP folder, then use the save data.
  6. Start the Game: Select the game ISO in the PSP emulator and start playing.
  7. Fix Crashing Issues: If you encounter crashes, disable fast memory unstable and set the language to America Latino in the PSP system settings.

Requirements and Additional Information

  • Game Name: Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod
  • Game Size: 480 MB
  • Mod By: SidewardSanty
  • Platform: PSP Emulator
  • Offline: Yes
  • Online: No
  • Android Version: 5.1 or higher
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: Octa-Core


Dragon Ball Super Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod offers a remarkable blend of classic DBZ fighting action with enhanced features and characters from Dragon Ball Super. Its compatibility with PSP emulators ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience on Android devices. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or new to the Dragon Ball universe, this mod is a must-try for its dynamic gameplay and extensive character roster.

Video Guide Step by Step How To Download Game From approm.cc

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